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From careful planning to design and full optimisation. We look after all of our clients and treat each project as if it was our own. All Web Design projects are treated the same, which is with complete respect and we push the limits to ensure you get the highest scores across the board.

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Web Design​

Web design is very subjective. When we're designing a custom theme for a client we first give a couple of design options to get a feel for what they like. All of our web designs are fully responsive, clean, easy to read and thought out fully to get your customers to the point where you purchase your product or service.

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Without good SEO on your site you are basically wasting your money on a new website. There's a lot of strategy that goes into optimising your site for Google rankings. Speed, image optimisation, tags, keywords as well readability of text and grammar. I won't give away all the secrets here but you get the idea 😉

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Site Speed

There's hundreds of factors that come into play when optimising for website speed. Compression of files, image optimisation, deferring of javascript and much more. All of these factors compile into one speed result which Google can check and base your rankings on. With all of our sites we aim to get a score as close as possible to 100%.

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There is an Online Trading Voucher available from the Local Enterprise Centre in your area. There are a few rules, but if you sell your products online you could avail of a grant up to the value of €2500 or 50% of the cost of your website. The process is straight forward and we have helped clients in the past so let us know if you need any help.

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Social Media​​

It's good to have a presence on Facebook as well as a professional looking website as it gives your business a better chance to reach a larger market of potential customers. We can organise plans, provide eye catching digital posters and advertisements to help grow your business on social media platforms.

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We can create an online store for you with the latest in security where you can sell all of you products or services. You can also integrate booking systems that synchronise with your Google calendar. If deposits are all that you need we can also implement that. Whatever you need, we can help.

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The research stage is very important. This is where we study your competitors and see what's working for them. With this information we can do up a plan to see where we can improve on that and help grow your sales. We also use this stage to see what type of web design you like so that you will be happy with your final product.

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Graphic Design​​

We have a lot of experience with the Adobe Suite and can provide any type of graphic from logo design, banners and leaflets, all with a clean design that will surely pop out and show off your professional brand.

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Once we understand your business and your goals we can begin the planning stage which is where we decide on the content for each page. We can then plan out the text that will go along with your products or services as well as integrate any keywords that will be beneficial for SEO so people will be able to search and find you.

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Increase Sales

Most, if not all of web design is to do with psychology. Successful websites are created by using the correct colours, fonts, clean designs with nice spacing and easy to read content. User experience must be pleasing to your potential customers with the goal in mind of increasing sales of your products or services.

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We check the performance of your completed website with Google and how many visitors are coming to your site monthly. With this information we can make any necessary changes to better your site.

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Best Practices

We use all of the best practices for SEO to ensure you will be seen by potential customers. This includes the general loading times and speed of your site as well as image optimisation and hundres of other factors.

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I know companies that charge upwards of €2000 for a basic website with no SEO, or any optimisations of any kind. With us you get the complete package from start to finish. Our prices range from €1800 for a standard site with all of the extras. Then for the larger eCommerce website the price could go up to €5000, this is because it’s a lot more time consuming to add all of the content as well as all of the extra SEO considerations.

The good thing with this is that the Local Enterprise Centre offers an online trading voucher up to the value of €2500 so you can get 50% of the price off your website. We can help with getting the required documentation to complete this process.

This completely depends on your type of business. Facebook is a must for any business these days, LinkedIn is good to have as well as Instagram. We can do a full plan for you once we get a feel for what your business offers.

Good content is great for Google rankings. We look after all of the messy parts like competitor analysis, keyword targeting to make sure you’ll be near the top. It can take from a few week to a few months for your site to naturally climb the ranking but we monitor it monthly to make sure it’s going in the right direction

We have the knowledge and expertise to boost your business as quickly as possible. With us you have the best chance for your business and website to succeed online. We fully test everything to make sure you’re getting great SEO and Speed scores which help greatly with rankings.

We offer everything that is needed to get online and be seen. From graphic design, web design, custom web development, SEO, Speed Optimisations which we normally get a score of 95%+, the average worldwide is currently around 72%.

Our success rate is extremely high. This is because we don’t give up until our clients are 100% happy with our work. Even after the website goes live we are continually checking it to make sure it’s performing to the standards everyone should expect.

We do occasionally offer maintenance plans, this is normally if clients want continual updates on a site after the free 6 month update period that’s included on all sites. All maintenance plans are custom so we can organise one if needed.

Normally a website from start to finish can take between 2 weeks and up to 2 months depending on the scale. As we are normally quite busy and plan ahead you can expect to be waiting a few weeks for work on your project to begin so it’s good to get in contact with us early if you need web design work.

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