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eCommerce Solutions

We have helped customers all over the country avail of the Online Trading Voucher from their Local Enterprise Office. If you have been in business for at least 6 months, employ less than 10 staff members and have the ability to sell a product or service online, you are eligible for a grant up to the value of €2500.

The process is simple and we can help with every step from acquiring the quotes to filling out the application form. If you would like to talk about the process then please get in touch and we can explain every step.

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Our aim is to achieve a Google score of 100% for your website to get you ranked higher.

Website Optimisations

Good use of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of configuring each of your pages to interact with search engines and as a result, rank high when customers try to search your type of business.

There is a huge, ever growing list of procedures to go through when building a professional website and we can configure each page/service that you offer so that people will have no problem interacting with you and your business. As with all of our services we aim high and like to give our customers the best results. We continually monitor web traffic and optimise your site to get the best results possible. We aim for a 100% score where possible.

Visiting a website and waiting a long time for a page to load can be infuriating. Most customers will just leave and not come back, going straight to your competitors. This is where proper speed optimisation comes in. We ensure all of your pages are lighting fast by using top web hosting as well as configuring all of your pages to be at their best. This can be basic things like making sure your images are the right size and compressed without losing any of their original quality to much more complicated problems.

Web Design

At Logicode we love creating professional looking, performance driven websites. The design of the website has to appeal to potential customers, load fast and be easy to navigate. The website has to get the customer to the goal point, whether that’s to buy a product or make contact through a form.

All of this comes into consideration when building your site. As part of the design process we can create/choose different things like a company logo, choose the correct style of fonts as well as choosing the correct colour pallet that compliments your brand.

All of this hard work and planning has to look perfect on all types of devices. There are so many different types and sizes of screens that these all have to be accounted for through proper and professional use of responsive web design.

By the end of the process you have have a completely unique, professional looking representation of your business online. All of your social accounts as well as Google my Business will be tied into the website to ensure you have maximum reach.

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Website Performance

We all like fast websites. And even though the average person has no idea of how fast a site should load we like to give potential customers the best possible experience. That’s why we use the fastest hosting with 24/7 live support.

If you’re selling a lot of products online, or have a big product release coming up, a lot of the time you see a website crashing or going a snail’s speed. This is because the website hasn’t been set up properly on a good quality hosting package which can end up with you losing thousands in revenue.

Web Development

We’re in an age where anybody can quickly create a basic website but when problems arise you may need somebody that has experience building websites from scratch and know the system inside out.

On top of this we can create any type of custom website with complex data relationships and behaviours that interact when customers choose something. We have a lot of experience creating secure eCommerce solutions with bespoke functionality. Some other types of custom work include estate agent websites.

If you’re looking for something more complex get in touch with Logicode Web Development.

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