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Over 20 years of creating

I founded Logicode Web Design in 2017 with the ambition of revolutionizing the web design industry. Drawing on my nearly two decades of experience and a relentless pursuit of staying ahead of the curve, I set out to create a company that would deliver unmatched excellence. And I am proud to say that I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Logicode has become synonymous with cutting-edge web design services, thanks to my unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you need a website for a small business or a global corporation, my team has the expertise to create a customised solution optimised for speed, search engine discoverability, and maximum impact. I also offer hosting services built to handle high traffic levels, ensuring your website stays up and running, even during the busiest times.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for businesses everywhere. Still, I have been able to help my customers navigate this difficult time by securing grants that cover 50% of the cost of their online selling websites. If you need assistance or want to discuss your web design needs, I invite you to reach out to me at +353 (83) 039 6235 or by email at [email protected]. Let’s work together to create a website that exceeds your expectations.